MIT study shows the most successful entrepreneurs are in their forties

The tech world can sometimes feel like Logan’s Run. If you haven’t made your start by the end of your twenties, you’re officially past it. Daniel Ek founded Spotify when he was 23. Steve Jobs launched Apple when he was 21. And Mark Zuckerberg found the time to launch Facebook amidst a busy schedule of breast feeds and playdates.

Where are all the old people? Y’know, the people with spouses and kids and gray hair and bad backs? The ones with cassette collections and landlines, and whatever other ageist stereotypes you can think of.

According to a working paper from MIT Sloan professor Pierre Azoulay and PhD student Daniel Kim, they’re busy starting companies — and are arguably doing a better job of it too.

Azoulay and Kim crunched data from the Census Bureau’s Longitudinal Business Database, and from the Internal Revenue Service. The pair discovered that the average age of a founder that went on to hire at least one other person was 45.

This was especially true for companies in the high-tech “knowledge economy.” Per an article on, from Meredith Somers:

The researchers broke out the data into high-tech employment, VC-backed firms, and patenting firms. Across the entire United States, the average founder ages were 43, 42, and 45, respectively for those divisions.

The team looked at ages and startups in areas like California, New York, Massachusetts, and specifically Silicon Valley. The closest any founder age got to “young” was in VC-backed firms, where the average age was 39 in New York.

Similarly, the average founder age for one of the “youngest” technology sectors — in this case wireless telecommunication carriers — was 39 years old.

The secret sauce behind the success of these older founders is experience. According to Azoulay and Kim, entrepeneurs are 125 percent more successful if they have previously held employment in the industry they’re operating in.

That makes sense. If you’re going to “disrupt” an industry — or at least exist within it — it helps to actually know what you’re doing. And if you’ve worked in an industry for some time, you’re best placed to see any gaps in the market that could be filled by an innovative new startup.

And I imagine older founders would have some innate advantages over their younger counterparts. For starters, they’d probably have access to more start-up capital, either through savings they’ve built up over time, or through assets they can sell or mortgage.

Age allows you to build connections and social networks. It follows that older founders would have the guanxi needed to find investors and customers, where younger entrepreneurs might struggle.

Azoulay and Kim are both very explicit in that they don’t want to discourage younger founders. In the aforementioned MIT piece, Azoulay pointed out that there are young people who have founded “very robust, very large successful businesses.” The likes of Zuckerberg and Ek are living proof of that.

But it’s worth remembering they are outliers. We know their names because they’re exceptional people, who have created exceptionally world-changing companies.

The real picture of success isn’t the cliched hoodie-wearing millenial wunderkind, but is in fact much, much older.

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Could this be the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to defeat malaria?

In the tiny African kingdom of Swaziland*, one of the most effective tools in the fight against malaria is a telephone number: 977.

When someone tests positive for the mosquito-borne disease at a Swazi clinic, a nurse immediately dials those three digits to report the case to the country’s national emergency response center. The call triggers a text message to the national malaria program team, which dispatches investigators—armed with computer tablets that have built-in satellite maps and GPS software—to interview the patient and test all people living within a one-kilometer radius of their home. A separate team is called in to reapply insecticide to the walls of homes in the community to help protect other families from infection.

Such vigilance is one of the reasons why Swaziland may become the first malaria-free country in sub-Saharan Africa, where most malaria deaths occur.


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Swaziland’s well-coordinated malaria program—including a robust surveillance and control system—has helped reduce the number of cases in the country by more than 90 percent since 2002. Now, Swaziland aims to eliminate malaria entirely within its borders by 2020.

Swaziland’s bold goal is evidence of the incredible progress the world has made against malaria. Between 2000 and 2015, the combination of increased donor investment, strengthened political commitment, and new tools (including artemisinin combination therapies, rapid diagnostic tests, indoor residual spraying, and insecticide-treated bed nets), led to a 60 percent decline in malaria deaths.

At the same time, the difficulties Swaziland has experienced trying to become malaria free are a sobering reminder of the challenges the world faces to reach its goal of eradicating the disease.  While the number of malaria cases in Swaziland has fallen to just a few hundred cases each year, tackling those final cases is more difficult than anyone imagined. Swaziland thought it would eliminate the disease by the end of 2015, and again by the end of 2017, but each time fell short of its goal. Last year, Swaziland saw its number of malaria cases rise sharply. 

Globally, progress in the malaria fight has stalled. Further progress is in peril given the plateauing funding levels which make it impossible to fill remaining gaps in prevention and treatment of malaria and address the challenges of drug and insecticide resistance. After years of dramatic declines in malaria cases and deaths, the world is starting to lose ground. In 2017, the World Malaria Report showed that for the first time in years the number of malaria cases went up.

These setbacks should not lead to despair. They should serve as a wake-up call. As I told health officials at the Malaria Summit in London last week, the world needs a new strategy to meet the challenges ahead. That means developing innovations that will keep driving down malaria cases and malaria deaths, while tailoring interventions to address the specific needs of a country or region.

Swaziland is a good example of how countries can adapt their malaria control strategies to meet their unique circumstances. One of Swaziland’s biggest challenges is the cross-border movement of people infected with the disease from outside the country. Mozambique, Swaziland’s next-door neighbor, has one of the highest malaria burdens in the world. Workers from Mozambique may come into Swaziland with malaria. And when Swazis go to Mozambique, they sometimes return with the disease, which can then be passed on to their neighbors. Unpredictable weather also poses a challenge. The sudden spike of new cases last year was driven by heavier rainfall in the region, resulting in more mosquito breeding.

Swaziland and Mozambique are part of the Elimination 8 regional malaria elimination effort, which aims to wipe out malaria from eight countries in southern Africa. Last year, as part of that effort, Swaziland and Mozambique set up malaria posts along their border. As people go back and forth between the two countries, they are offered malaria tests and treatment to help prevent the importation of new cases. Since the posts were set up last year, thousands of people have been tested and treated and the national malaria program is optimistic that the number of cases will fall this year as a result.

At the same time, Swaziland remains committed to the painstaking work of investigating every new malaria case and responding swiftly to reduce the chance the disease will spread. The country also organized intensive media campaigns to warn residents and travelers of the danger of malaria and teach them how to protect themselves. Malaria diagnosis and treatment are free to everyone in private and public clinics.

I look forward to hearing more about Swaziland’s progress in the months ahead. If successful eliminating malaria within its borders, Swaziland can achieve a major milestone toward a goal once thought impossible—making Africa malaria free. I hope to see many more countries follow its lead.

* Just before I posted this, King Mswati III of Swaziland announced that the name of the country was changing to the Kingdom of eSwatini. In order to avoid confusion, I’ve used Swaziland in this post.

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This animal kills more people in a day than sharks do in a century

Mosquitoes keep me up at night.

If you ask someone about what things scare people the most, there’s a list of usual suspects: shark attacks, heights, enclosed spaces, etc. Mosquitoes usually don’t make the cut—but they frighten me more than almost anything else.

This fear might be a bit irrational in Seattle, where I live. Our climate is too mild for the types of mosquitoes that harbor serious diseases. In other parts of the world, however, families have good reason to be afraid. Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry kill more than half a million people every year. Consider this mind-blowing statistic:

Mosquito Week 2018

Of all the illnesses mosquitoes spread, malaria is the worst by far. More than 200 million people suffer from it every year, and a child dies from malaria every other minute of every day. If you survive, it can leave you vulnerable to other debilitating diseases and chronic anemia. It’s an awful, painful disease (I wrote about what it feels like to have malaria a couple years ago).

Melinda and I encounter a lot of suffering through our work, but one of the worst things I’ve ever seen is a child having seizures from cerebral malaria in Tanzania. I will never forget watching his small body twist in agony, as his parents waited to find out if he would survive. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone.

So why exactly are people more afraid of sharks than mosquitoes? The late Hans Rosling would argue that humans are hardwired to fear things that cause us physical harm. This instinct is practical if you live in poverty (on level 1 or 2), where an animal attack is more likely to kill you. But if you can afford life-saving healthcare, it can distort your perception of how significant a threat really is.

Even if you know that you’re 50,000 times more likely to get killed by a mosquito than a shark, human instinct wins out. A photo of a shark attack victim on the evening news evokes a visceral reaction, because the threat is obvious. A picture of a malaria victim in a hospital ward doesn’t trigger our fear instinct in the same way.

Despite this, I’m determined to spread the word about mosquitoes—which is why I’m bringing back Mosquito Week here on Gates Notes.

Everything I’m posting this week is dedicated to my least favorite pest. You can read some good news about a country that hopes to eliminate malaria by 2020. You can see how the bed nets the Mozambique Ministry of Health and World Vision distributed last year on behalf of the Gates Notes Insider community are making a difference. I’m going to be talking about mosquitoes on my social channels all week, and I hope you’ll join the conversation.

As long as Hollywood keeps making blockbusters about sharks, I’ll keep talking about why everyone should be more scared of a tiny bug than a 3,000-pound carnivore. Jaws is nothing compared with the flying terror that is a mosquito.

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J. Cole’s New Album Breaks Apple Music Streaming Record, Beating Drake

J. Cole released his latest album, KOD, on Friday, April 20. Billboard now reports that the LP has broken Apple Music’s record for most first-day album streams, as well as Spotify’s record for most first-day U.S. album streams. With 64.5 million plays on Apple Music, Cole beat the previous record held by Drake’s VIEWS (which was originally released exclusively on Apple Music and iTunes) by over a million streams. At 36.6 million plays on Spotify, he beat out the record previously held by Drake’s More Life.

J. Cole recently shared a video for his new song “ATM.” Read “5 Takeaways from J. Cole’s New Album, KOD” on the Pitch.

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Kanye Announces Nas Album Release Date

Nas Album Done?

DJ Khaled confirmed it back 2016 and we may possibly finally see it in less than two months. Still tweeting up a storm on his Twitter handle last night, Kanye West gave June 15 the release date of Nas’ 11th studio album. West also mention that he’s overseeing the production of the LP. This will be the first album from Nas since his 2012’s Life Is Good.

In a similar series of tweets just days prior, Kanye revealed other release dates including his very own 7-track project on June 1, his joint project with KiD CuDi, Kids See Ghosts on June 8, Pusha T on May 25 and Teyana Taylor on June 22. As of now, no word yet if these dates are official or if they are simply single releases. Regardless, lets hope these dates stick.


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KAWS Reveals Sketches for Upcoming Union Collaboration

This past February, Chris Gibbs announced forthcoming partnerships to celebrate the launch of the Union Tokyo store. This time around, KAWS just took to Instagram to announce his upcoming apparel collaboration with the imprint. The Brooklyn-based artist shared a video revealing sketches of his signature Companion character and "Union Tokyo" in bubble lettering. "I made this drawing for my friend @chrisunion [Chris Gibbs] who just opened UNION Japan," said KAWS in the caption. Having added that the label already created several T-shirts and sweatshirts for the anticipated collab.

All items are slated for release at Union Tokyo this April 28. A Union L.A. launch will follow on April 30. Check out the Instagram post below.

In related news, KAWS is set to release his “SEEING/WATCHING” merch this week.

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Watch Cardi B & SZA Perform “I Do” at Coachella

For weekend one at Coachella, Cardi B brought out G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper, Kehlani, 21 Savage and a day-stealing performance. For weekend two, Cardi was joined by SZA, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny to perform hits off the Bronx native’s Invasion of Privacy album. With SZA, the pair performed “I Do” to the packed Indio crowd. Later in the set, Cardi alongside Balvin and Bunny performed “I Like It.”

She also ran into JAY-Z, who praised her and rubbed her baby bump. Later on in the day, Cardi made an appearance during Migos’s Coachella set, joining them to perform “MotorSport." If you haven’t, check out Cardi B’s interview with Nardwuar during weekend one at Coachella.

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A Look Inside Union’s New Tokyo Chapter Store

HYPEBEAST Japan went inside Union‘s brand new Tokyo outpost when it opened April 20 and took a first-hand look at the retail space. Located in Shibuya, the space boasts elements of Union LA‘s store while maintaining its own distinct personality. Like the California store, the new spot will offer goods from Union’s in-house collection and preferred brands, like Fear of God and Brain Dead.

Head to Union’s Japanese site for more info on the new store. Most recently, KAWS showcased some drawings he made to commemorate the new store, which will appear as part of an upcoming Union collaboration.

Address: 2-26-5 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1F
Tel: 03-6434-5510

4/20 (FRI) UNION TOKYO STORE HOURS: 11:00-16:00

A post shared by UNION TOKYO (@uniontokyo) on

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KAWS Reveals New Collab Capsule With Union

World renowned artist Brian Donnelly, more famously known as KAWS, just took to Instagram to reveal an upcoming collaboration with premier lifestyle purveyor, Union.

In the video above, the Brooklyn-based artist showcases a sketch “Union Tokyo” in bubble lettering, along with his signature Companion character. KAWS shared that he made the drawings for his friend and Union founder Chris Gibbs to celebrate the grand opening of Union’s new store in Tokyo.

The featured drawings will be implemented across a limited number of T-shirts and sweatshirts, which will release at Union Tokyo on Saturday, April 28, and then at Union LA on Monday, April 30.

In other style news, PLEASURES and ROKIT unveil a graphic-filled capsule collection.

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J. Cole’s ‘K.O.D.’ Is Expected to Debut at No. 1

Late last week, J. Cole served up his latest major studio album, K.O.D. Since its release, the 12-track project has set Spotify records and produce a high-profile music video in support of LP standout "ATM." Continuing its strong opening run, the album is now on track to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

As Hits Daily Double reports, J. Cole’s K.O.D. racked up 36.6 million Spotify streams within 24 hours, looks to hit between 140,000 and 155,000 in "pure album sales" and — merged with album-equivalent stream units — is on course to sit comfortably at No. 1 with 375,000 to 390,000 units. Altogether, these achievements would make K.O.D. the third J. Cole album in a row to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the success of J. Cole’s new album.

Most recently, J. Cole’s K.O.D. single "ATM" was featured in a new NBA Playoffs spot.

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A “Mind-Blowing” New Prince Album Is Coming

Fresh off the liberation of a special studio version of "Nothing Compares 2 U," it looks like a brand new Prince album is in the works.

As Variety reports, a new Prince project made up of unreleased records is on course to drop in September. Speaking to the media outlet, Troy Carter — the music industry executive whose Atom Factory company oversees the Prince estate — revealed that his crew is working on releasing the aforementioned Prince LP.

"Last week, the release of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ was the first piece of music to come from our collaboration with the estate, and now we’re working on a release for the fall — a full-length album," Carter tells Variety. Carter adds that the new music is "mind-blowing."

Along with the new Prince album, an official memoir is also on the way and a new website is now live.

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New ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Featurette Revisits Wakanda

We are only a few days away before Avengers: Infinity War hits the big screen. With that Marvel continues to tease fans with new clips, such as Thanos’ Black Order being beaten and Shuri saving Vision, and now with a new featurette showcasing Black Panther’s homeland of Wakanda.

The clip above shows Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Vision and James Rhodes all arriving in Wakanda to meet T’Challa as they prepare for a big battle against Thanos and his army. The video also features cast interviews from Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright as they share their thoughts on the significant role Wakanda has to play in the film.

As Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters this week, it won’t be long until we find out if the Avengers can manage to stop Thanos. Slated to be the deadliest showdown of all-time, the Avengers and their allies are put to the ultimate test, having to sacrifice it all in an attempt to defeat the supervillian Thanos and his aim to end the universe.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters on April 27. To hold you over till then, watch Chris Pratt and Scarlett Johannson take on Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth in Avengers: Infinity War Family Feud.

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Nike’s Kobe AD NXT 360 Set to Don Lakers Colors Next

Earlier this month Nike celebrated "Mamba Day" with the debut of its Kobe AD NXT 360 model. Dressed in all black, the silhouette sported an iridescent Swoosh to complement its 360-degree Flyknit upper. Today images have emerged of a Lakers edition sporting purple and gold throughout. The Swoosh branding is done in white with the heel accents returning in the traditional red. The forthcoming colorway is capped off with a translucent outsole serving as a window to the drop-in midsole.

The Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 "Lakers" arrives on May 24 for a retail price of $200 USD at select Nike Basketball retailers. Browse the shots above and let us know how they compare to the original edition.

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Reselling Outside of Supreme London Is Officially Illegal

Last Thursday, a video emerged of what looked like someone getting arrested shortly after the Supreme x Lacoste drop in London.

According to what went down on the SupTalk Instagram page, after copping a flask in Supreme and attempting to resell it, a man was approached by an undercover police officer and an employee of London’s Westminister Council, which is responsible for the Soho area.

Another image by the same Instagram page shows a form with the caption: “Update: got done for £90 flask.”

We reached out to the London city council and, while they couldn’t give details on the specific case, they confirmed that it was technically illegal to resell clothes in Soho.

In section 27 of the City of Westminster Act 1999, it reads: “A person who is not the holder of a street trading license or a temporary license and who engages in street trading whether or not from a stationary position in the city shall be guilty of an offense.”

If someone is caught trading — i.e. reselling Supreme — without a license, the item can be confiscated and the person is liable for a fine.

Update: got done for £90 flask #suptalk #supreme

A post shared by Supreme Talk UK/EU (@suptalk) on

If you want to resell after drop day legally, you would have to apply for a street trading license, which costs £93.73, as well as daily fees for selling. You also won’t be able to sell right outside the Supreme store, but instead, you have to go around the corner to Berwick Street or one of the other approved areas for street trading.

While the Soho police department acknowledged that there was an incident surrounding the Supreme drop, it didn’t respond to an inquiry for an official statement. We’ve also reached out to Supreme, who at the time of publishing has not responded.

Though the act was first published in 1999, the events of last Thursday are the first time we’ve actually seen someone stopped for reselling. Have you had any trouble reselling in London? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

In other style news, we take a look at grime through the ages and the fashion that made it.

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J. Cole’s “KOD” Song Sets New Spotify Record For Biggest Opening Day

J. Cole dropped his latest album K.O.D. on Friday and it has been making a big impact on the charts. The title track, which was also the first track on the tape, was streamed 4.2 million times on Spotify, breaking the previous record of 3.8 million set by Taylor Swift’s "Look What You Made Me Do." Cole record also surpasses Kendrick’s "DNA" (3.6 million), his own song "Photograph" (3.55 million) and The Weekend’s "Call Out My Name" (3.5 million). The album is set to make big debuts on the Billboard 200 chart as well as the Hot 100 chart on Monday, April 30.

Check out Cole’s new records via Chart Data below and stay tuned for more news on K.O.D. Watch his video for "ATM" here.

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Round Two is Opening a New Store in Miami

Sean Wotherspoon‘s Round Two retail experience continues to expand as the Virginia native yesterday announced the sneaker and streetwear haven is opening a new storefront in Miami.

This news comes just months after the announcement and subsequent opening of the New York store last year. Before that, the retailers primary locations were in Hollywood and Richmond, Virginia, were the store was founded in 2013.

Wotherspoon didn’t exactly indicate when the shop would open. He’d only state that Round Two South Beach would be open sometime this summer.

Lead Image: SuspendMag

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Limited Edition Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home” Drops in Chicago This Weekend

Last year, Nike introduced the Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home” as a sample not anticipated to release at retail. Fast forward to spring 2018, and the limited edition shoe is set to drop this weekend. Whatever caused this shift in position, Air Jordan 1 fans are ultimately the recipients of this melding of two classic OG colorways.

Joining “Banned” and “Chicago” iterations of the 1985 hallmark, the shoe stands as a tribute to MJ’s legacy both on the court and in the city of Chicago. Thus, the limited edition release will span just 2,300 individually numbered pairs and release exclusively in Chicago this weekend on April 21.

Following the commemorative release in the Windy City this weekend, the “Homage to Home” Jordan 1’s will drop again in May. It’s worth noting that the May release won’t feature special details like “From” and “For” at the heel tabs. Stay tuned for more on details on the upcoming second version.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG NRG “Homage to Home”

Colorway: Black/White-University Red
Style #: AR9880-023
Release Date: April 21, 2018
Price: $160

Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”
Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”
Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”
Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”
Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”
Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”
Air Jordan 1 "Homage to Home"
Air Jordan 1 “Homage to Home”

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Air Jordan 4 “Raptors” Features Suede Jumpman Logo

A year ahead of its 30th anniversary in 2019, the Air Jordan 4 is set to take on a colorway originally seen on the Air Jordan 7. The famed “Raptors” theme will soon make its presence felt on the 1989 produced silhouette. And while it won’t carry the said title on its way to retailers later this year, it’s clear the shoe will be one of the more popular 4’s to release this year.

Colored in a smooth noir upper with contrasting University Red and Court Purple shades, this palette represents the Raptors retro uniforms from the ’90s. What’s more, this variation of the Air Jordan 4 sees plush suede tongue construction that presents the Jumpman logo with a contemporary allure.

Release details for the Air Jordan 4 “Raptors” remain scarce. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more details.

Air Jordan 4 NRG

Colorway: Black/University Red-Court Purple
Style #: AQ3816-056

Air Jordan 4 "Raptors"
Air Jordan 4 “Raptors”

Source: atlas1216

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Eliud Kipchoge’s 3D Printed Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint

In September of 2017 in Berlin, Eliud Kipchoge, who ran the fastest marathon ever, battled heavy rain and 99-percent humidity over the course of 26.2 miles and managed to come out with a first-place finish. Though seriously inspiring, his performance wasn’t enough to earn the world record he was hoping for.

After Nike designers spoke with Kipchoge about the impact those wet conditions had on his performance, they learned his shoes (the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite he first made famous during Nike’s Breaking 2 attempt) absorbed water. And that water wasn’t able to evaporate, so it added weight. This was obviously something both the designers and Kipchoge didn’t want to happen in future races.

Considering Kipchoge felt the shoe was otherwise “perfect … really perfect,” and the fact that the Nike Vaporfly Elite and Nike Vaporfly 4% became the most dominant shoes on the 2017 marathon circuit, designers decided to maintain the tooling and focus on developing a solution in the form of an updated upper. The designers revisited a new application of a performance-printed 3D upper they’d been experimenting with. They coined it Nike Flyprint and showed it to Kipchoge.  

The process of solving expressly for Kipchoge’s needs began in earnest in early 2018. Designers kicked off a rapid-fire prototyping phase (where they went through thousands of upper possibilities before hitting “print” on several variations for each prototype and selected version “D” for trial). Kipchoge’s response to the first running in that shoe:


Kanye West Previews Upcoming adidas Yeezy Releases

Kanye West retuning to Twitter just as Yeezy Mafia got the boot is no coincidence. If anyone was going to preview adidas Yeezy releases on the popular social media platform it was going to be Ye himself. And without much delay, West has fired off a slew of previews for his upcoming Yeezy Boost 350 v2 and the newly release Yeezy 500.

The former saw the greatest showing on Twitter today as a rainbow of samples were revealed. Most notably, too, the side striping appears in see-through fashion while the Primeknit patterning has also been updated.

Kanye’s Yeezy 500 appears in two pink and purple pastel colorways. And, not to disappoint, the lengthy table holding all of the samples also features new iterations of the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner at the very end.

adidas Yeezy
adidas Yeezy
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2
adidas Yeezy 500
adidas Yeezy 500

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